Xing Lie Cargo is firsthand freight forwarder and provide the best service, cheap price, and responsible. All the service include ppn, pph, customs, taxes. Door to Door Service. You dont need to worry if the goods got stuck, because it’s our responsibility and handled by us. We will directly send the goods to your home safely!

We also handle shipment from CHina, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc to Indonesia.


Our service:

  1. International Freight Forwarder to Indonesia by air and sea freight
  2. Provide remittance service. Customer only need to pay by rupiah and we will give the payment slip in RMB (China currency)
  3. Trading service


We can handle both general and special goods such as sparepart, parts, accessories, machine, textile, garment, shoes, bag, watch, phone case, pvc, usb, electronic, liquid, chemical, supplement, medicine, cosmetics, medical supply, and others.


Our minimum shipment:

Udara / Air : Guang Zhou & Yi Wu ( 5KG ). Singapore , Hongkong , Taiwan Dan Thailand ( 10KG ) , Malaysia , Japan , Amerika , Europa ( 100KG )


Laut / Sea : Guang Zhou & Yi Wu ( 1M3 / CBM ) , Singapore ( 1M3/CBM ), Taiwan & Malaysia( 2M3 / CBM ) , Korea , Thailand , Amerika , Europa ( 3M3/CBM )


Your Trust is our key to Success!

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Mobile Phone & Whatsapp: 087773081112

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Office : Terusan Bandengan Utara Ruko Soka no 12 A Jakarta Utara